Rotorua United AFC

On 15 December 2021, a special general meeting resolved to adopt an updated constitution. This updated constitution provides the clarity and accountability that all clubs need in their governing document, it will help those who take on the responsibilities in the future and provide the membership clear guidance on what should be happening on their behalf.

It provides representation where there was not before, including giving junior members aged 16 and over, and senior members aged 16 and 17's a voice.

There is now rotation to ensure continuity and stability in governance.

We are very grateful to the work by committee members and the outside support we had to undertake this huge piece of work in a relatively short period of time. A piece of work which always centred the membership as a whole.

The updated constitution was accepted by Incorporated Societies on 17 December 2021 and is now our legal document by which the club is governed.